HSE Policy and Standard

CYBEX Technologies HSE (Health & Safety Environment) policy is to ensure the responsible management of all its activities from product invention to use and beyond. Excellence in HSE performance is essential to this policy and CYBEX will:

  • Be a responsible corporate member of society committed to continuous improvement in HSE.
  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.
  • Minimize environmental impact and optimize the use of natural resources.
  • Meet or exceed regulations, legal requirement and international agreements.
  • Ensure HSE considerations are integrated into all activities.
  • Develop a culture which encourages employees to take personal responsibility for HSE.
  • Openly communicate HSE performance and enter into dialogue with interested parties.
  • Aim to eliminate all incidents and injuries.

This policy has been adopted by the Executive staffs and applies to all employees and all activities. Compliance with policy is mandatory.

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